Dislyte is a brand-new gacha game by Lilith Games, the developers of AFK Arena, the idle game for which you have probably seen countless advertisements. You have a squad of units that fight through waves of foes and beat up on a boss to acquire riches, akin to Summoners War or Raid: Shadow Legends. There are approximately 70 heroes to gather and rank up, three tiers of Story Mode objectives, and PVP. The gorgeous pop and cyberpunk style and the truly catchy soundtrack, however, are what really lure people in. We’re here to help with six beginner tips for Dislyte if you’re seeking to start playing this fantastic gacha game but are unsure of where to begin.

Observe and Lock Each 3-star or above unit you receive has a copy.

Dislyte heroes can be boosted in four different ways: by equipping runes, by feeding copies of the unit via Divine Resonance, by leveling and ranking them up via Esper Advancement, and by feeding upgrade materials to them via Esper Ascension. The last one is crucial; you can give your primary copy Energy by feeding each additional duplicate of a hero (up to six) into it. In the end, one hero can acquire 24 Energy, which corresponds to a 24% increase in either attack, defense, or health. Despite the fact that you generally won’t encounter copies of natural 5-Star units very frequently, select completely Resonanced 3-Star units can frequently perform equally well. Check out our tier list here for further details on which 3-Star and 4-Star units to prioritize.

Mona Is Your Foundational Unit to Begin With

Even if you manage to pull a legendary, Mona, the Esper of Artemis, is actually the greatest unit for novices to invest in. With the help of her skill set, Mona may solo level up by doing a ton of AoE damage and gaining extra turns when she uses Moonshot to take down enemies. You then have extra units to rank up and add to the rest of your team as a result.

In order to make farming and story progression easier, you should give Mona the Hades outfit, which grants lifesteal on hit, as soon as you obtain it. This will help you progress through the game. Mona may also be employed on almost any team for any content, excluding Apep, so make an early investment in her and profit from it.

Finish Your Courses

You may find a number of training programs, including Recon Plan, Ritual Miracle, and Growth Plan, by going to your Missions page and selecting Courses. These plans must be adhered to and carried out as regularly as possible. Even if you won’t be able to do them all right away, sticking to the plans and completing what you can will bring you a ton of great benefits.

Prioritize a Core Team for Kronos

Build Dislyte Spatial Tower & Temporal Tower Guide together a core team for Kronos first, even if you happen to have units that can defeat Apep or Fafnir. Rune Sets that are incredibly valuable and beneficial for a variety of troops, such Wind Walker (25% SPD) and War Machine (30% ATK), are dropped by Kronos. If no further Legendaries or Epic troops are retrieved, your main squad will consist of Chang Pu, Tang Yun, Freddy, Ye Suhua, and Mona. If you were extremely lucky and got to pull Sander or Lin Xiao, you can replace Tang Yun, Mona, or Freddy with them. If you managed to pull Sally or Gabrielle, you can replace Yu Suhua and Chang Pu, respectively. Don’t expect to beat Kronos 10 right away; instead, plan to continually improve your Runes as you advance.

Watch Chat for Dhalia and Ye Suhua Get Ripple Dimensions Posted

When cleared, the bonus dungeons known as Ripple Dimensions release a finite quantity of Esper Shards, and some Espers can only be acquired by Ripple farming. Ye Suhua and Dhalia are two substantial ones. The former is the best support unit in the game that is available for free, and the later is a rare 4-Star unit. It is crucial that you farm Ye Suhua up whenever possible because she is employed on many teams that are missing Sally.

Purchase Gacha with your gold records and crystals.

You will amass a huge quantity of Gold Records and Crystals as you progress through the missions and Story Mode. You may certainly stockpile these for a certain banner, but doing so will also impede your advancement. In addition to giving you a chance at Epic or Legendary Espers, Gold Records also provide you with a lot of 3-Stars so you can expand your collection. If runed correctly, a fully Resonated Tang Yun or Freddy is just as useful as some Legendaries. It therefore makes more sense to spend those Records in the hopes of finding something worthwhile.