Five benefits of the multi-tenant warehouse for healthcare manufacturers

Healthcare manufacturers are under pressure to increase efficiency within their businesses due to global pricing pressures and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The current supply chain model for healthcare has been a focal point of these efforts. FedEx Supply Chain created a multi-tenant warehouse solution for healthcare product manufacturers to help increase efficiency and access top-tier talent and technology.

The multi-tenant healthcare logistics companies solution allows multiple businesses to share one facility while maintaining operational autonomy. Multi-tenant warehouse solutions can be used by small and medium-sized healthcare companies to improve efficiency in their supply chains.

  1. Lower fixed overhead costs
    Multi-tenant warehousing solutions offer tangible cost savings. The most obvious benefit is the reduction in overhead. Multi-tenant agreements allow companies to pay only for the space and labor they use to process orders. Rent and labor costs are fixed if you own your warehouse operation. This applies regardless of whether the space is used fully or whether your employees have enough orders to process. The multi-tenant model also eliminates the need to make upfront capital investments to build warehouse space that is compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP).
  2. Access top-tier technology platforms
    Technology is another major expense in any logistics operation. This includes systems for warehouse management and quality management as well as transportation management. Technology costs can be significant. However, they become shared expenses in multi-tenant warehouse environments. Multi-tenant warehouses often allow companies to access best-in-class technology they might not be able to afford financially.
  3. Network optimization analysis
    FedEx Supply Chain can optimize distribution and transport in multi-tenant environments by working with them. We offer access to a network of healthcare distribution networks through our multi-tenant strategic operations and shared transport options. The multi-tenant model allows companies to easily and economically leverage existing infrastructure, regardless of their location. FedEx Supply Chain also offers integrated transportation services to manage inbound and outbound shipping. This helps us optimize our transportation operations. Our expertise in healthcare will ensure that products are handled correctly, with quality and compliance.
  4. Get regulatory expertise and highly-trained workers
    Compliance with regulatory requirements is a constant concern in the healthcare industry. Proper licensing is essential for the storage and handling of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. This requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and training. FedEx Supply Chain is a proven leader in healthcare operations. We provide subject matter expertise through the multi-tenant warehouse solution. In addition to standard operating procedures (SOPs), and quality assurance protocols (QA), we also offer the necessary standards. Other value-added services are also available, such as contract packaging, kitting, and relabeling.
  5. Flexibility for seasonality and growth
    Seasonal impacts can also be experienced by many companies in their supply chains. These seasonal swings can lead to dramatic fluctuations in volume. Multi-tenant warehousing can be used to manage seasonal spikes in volumes. It also provides flexible workforce solutions that ensure consistent service quality. This model can be scalable over time to allow for sustained growth and help you navigate through transitions following mergers or acquisitions. The model aligns variable costs to your demand curves, resulting in a more efficient financial model that doesn’t compromise service quality.

Supply chain solutions for healthcare products

FedEx Supply Chain views healthcare logistics holistically, which allows us to offer best-in-class, customized solutions. Healthcare manufacturers can save a lot of money by leveraging multi-tenant solutions. We strive to provide the best value for our customers by driving continuous improvement. This consistently leads to cost savings, improved efficiencies, and increased productivity. However, it does not compromise quality, regulatory compliance, or patient care.