Whisky should only be drunk in the right glass. This is not a matter of aesthetics. While it’s true that a whisky connoisseur may refuse to drink single malt Scotch from a Glencairn glass or a Glencairn glass, the pairing of the right drink with the correct glass is more complicated than it seems.

Although novices might be sceptical when you replace their highball glasses by a snifter with affection, their eyes will lighten up as they take a sip. A good whiskey glass can make a difference in the experience of whiskey, from the flavours and aromas to the overall enjoyment.

From the weight to the balance and the material to the shape, our guide to the best whisky glasses explores everything you need to know before you open the premium bottle you’ve impatiently left sitting on the bar cart.

You don’t have the time to go through the entire list. We have made the right choiceNorlanThe best whisky glasses Venero CrystalThe best whisky glasses at a great price

Norlan: The best overall whisky glass

The modern and lightweight Norlan design makes it easy to enjoy the best whiskey glass with a glass that is just calling for your attention. It’s a beautiful glass.A whisky glass that enhances your drinkThis is a digitally created distillation of whisky’s complex flavours.

Norlan’s whisky glass was designed by Sruli Recht and refined with the help of master distiller Jim McEwan. It features specially crafted inner protrusions which create turbulence when the spirit is stirred within the bowl. This reduces the amount of alcohol and allows the aromas to shine. The glass is made using a blowing technique which separates the inner and outer walls. The hollow body glass promises an attractive outside and a scientifically-performing inside.

Tom Dixon Tank: The best high-end whisky glass

These Tom Dixon Tank whiskey glasses, made from clear mouth-blown glass and hand-painted copper details, are the perfect finishing touch to pouring your whisky. They are minimalistic and ornamental.Beautiful whiskey glassesThese copper tones will enhance the drink’s amber glow.

These glasses are chic and modern, with a modern design that allows whiskey to breathe.

The handmade nature of each glass means each one is truly unique and their nod towards traditional luxury influences makes Tom Dixon Tank whiskey glasses a statement to any whiskey lover’s bar cart.

Venero Crystal: The best value whisky glass

Venero’s lead free crystal glasses with polished finish are the perfect way to toast in style. These large 295ml (12 oz) crystal glasses are made from the highest quality crystal.Perfect size for a double shotMixture of whisky and ice cubes.

Each glass is made with a thick wall and a heavy base. This ensures that your drink remains insulated at the correct temperature and shines in the light.

Venero Crystal’s ultra clear glass makes it ideal for sharing a toast on special occasions and its durable nature means even the most enthusiastic raising of a glass won’t cause any damage. This is the perfect gift for whisky drinkers.

The NEAT Glass: A neat, clear glass

These glasses are a conversation piece thanks to their unique shape. The NEAT glass is aScientifically designedWhisky glasses that make drinking, tasting, and even smelling whisky an enjoyable experience.

This is the glass for the savvy. This is a firm favoriteFor professionalsIt is a winner in all major competitions as well as serious tastemakers, so it really scores all the points.The NEAT GlassA glass using Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology unlocks the unique flavours and nuances of whisky.

Mofado crystal: The best whisky tumbler

Mofado is serious about whisky glasses, and has a crystal design in the works that is currently awaiting patent. These whisky tumblers are hand-blown and have a thick bottom.Premium craftsmanshipThis is for those who love a big ice cube and large amounts of whisky.

The classic design of Mofado Crystal’s glasses makes each one a sure winner, while its ultra clear lead-free crystal gives the spirit maximum clarity and brilliance. Each glass has a firm weight that allows for a good grip and the details on the bottom shine when full. You can fill it with good whisky, and then you can enjoy each sip.

Riedel Performance: Best tulip or copita glass

Riedel’s spirit glass is one of the most elegant glasses. This glass is the first to have bowls with light optic impacts. This not only gives the bowl a more pleasing visual aspect, but also increases its inner surface area. It is a glass that will last.Performance is the main focusIt acts as a loudspeaker to the liquid inside, while also maintaining its focus due to the unique optical effect and beautiful sheen.

The tulip shape of the Riedel Performance glass means it’s great for whisky with lots of character: it’ll bring out all of the flavours and aromas in a delicate glass that enhances the drinking experience.

Glencairn Whisky glass: The best Glencairn glass

Glencairn glasses are designed to enhance the tasting experience by allowing the whisky’s aroma to gather in the larger bowl. This glass style also makes it easier to drink while you’re drinking.Keep the spirit’s scent aliveThis is a feature that isn’t always obvious when you drink from a rock glass.

This glass was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2006 for its elegant, short base. Use a Glencairn glass for high quality whisky that’s best enjoyed neat: the smaller size of this glass means it’s built for quality, not quantity.

Tom Dixon Highball: The best highball glass

The whisky drinking experience is transformed into a work-of-art with the help of a sculptural glass.Tom Dixon’s Tank Highball GlassesThey are a perfect example of this. Each glass is designed using the functional shapes of scientific glassware.Mysterious and indulgentTone topped with technical demandsFusion of solid and clear glass.

This premium glass is generously proportioned but also well-weighted. It can be mouth-blown into a beautiful piece of tabletop architecture. A whisky-based cocktail can enhance the fusion of colors. To impress your guests, fill your glass with your favorite whisky-based cocktail.

Libbey Signature: The best whisky snifter in a glass

The best choice for aged spirits is a snifter, which promises an aroma-packed bouquet. Each glass’s shapeThe flavor is brought outIt is difficult to resist another glass, which makes it more difficult to resist pouring another one.

Named theOfficial tasting glass for the Kentucky Bourbon TrailTheLibbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon GlassIt has a thick base, a wide bowl and narrow neck. The ClearFire glass’s state-of the-art ClearFire technology elevates whisky and provides ample surface area for evaporation. To enjoy the best way to have a glass, swirl the liquid while you inhale it. This is a great way to enjoy top-of-the-line spirits.

Corkcicle Whiskey Widge: The best glass for Old Fashioned

Corkcicle’s whisky wedgeThis is the easiest way for whisky lovers to make a quality Old Fashioned. AnInstant conversation piece, it’s a perfect addition for cocktail aficionados. It can be used by placing the wedge in a glass, then freezing it filled with water. Then, remove the wedge and replace with whisky. The glass can hold approximately 120ml of spirit when frozen.

Pro tip: To get the best results when making your ice cubes, you should use bottled water rather than tap water. This ensures that whisky does not lose its original flavour.


Anchor Hocking’s Manchester Rocks Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses in a tubular shape are stylish with a textured pattern. They also have a wide, sturdy brim. These glasses are perfect for Old Fashioned cocktails as they come in a 12-pack.

Sun’s tea Double Wall: The best budget whisky glass

Double wall glass is used.Sun’s Tea’s Old-fashioned Whiskey glassesAre the glasses safe?For those who love aesthetics.

Each glass is designed to prevent condensation from building up. This makes it easier to enjoy the rich amber colours that resound from the inside. These glasses are a perfect combination of modern design and traditional craftsmanship. They also prevent whisky from settling as you drink it. They are a testament to the fact that extraordinary quality can be affordable. The strong, durable material makes them an excellent choice for both everyday drinking and special occasions. Each glass is a masterpiece.optical illusion of liquid suspendedPerfect forHome bars.

Dragon Glassware Diamond: Best unique design glass

Inspirational inspiration from diamondsDragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey GlassesAllow whisky to air out while you swirl the glass around. This unique design seems to defy gravity. It is located at anAnti-rocking, spill-proof and 50-degree tilted angleIt’s both comfortable to hold and elegantly beautiful to look at.

Dragon is a luxury, designer glassware company. They create a unique on-the-rocks experience that draws attention with a glass that really stands out. These glasses may look like presentation glasses but they are functional and fun to use. You can give them as gifts to whisky lovers who will love their unique shape and high-quality.

Maketh the Man: The best gift set for drinkware

A whisky gift set makes a thoughtful gift that complements your favorite bottle.Whisky glasses made from Maketh the Man’s Art DecoYou can relax and unwind with glasses that promise.Design and attention to detail that is timeless European in design.

These glasses measure 300ml (10oz) in size and are great for any type of drink, including a shot or cocktail made with whisky. These glasses are a winner for those who enjoy aged spirits thanks to their modern twist. These glasses are great for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to treat someone you care about.


KANARS Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses make a great gift option for whisky lovers with an artistic streak. The Platinum Glass production process makes each KANARS glass heavier than others on the market, offering a premium drinking experience that’s ideal for a favourite Bourbon or a Scotch on the rocks.

Bonus: The best whisky decanters

Decanters are typically reserved for wine and not whisky. This is because wine can be poured into a decanter prior to serving. This is not a problem with whisky drinking, but some people wonder if the decanter is just for show. A decanter can enhance the whisky drinking experience by refining it. A decanter can add a subtle touch of flavor by allowing the spirit air to circulate.

Decanters have become an iconic symbol of sophistication and class over the years. High quality whisky served in a decanter is a great way to emphasize the bottle’s premium qualities.

It is important to choose a high quality, airtight decanter to prevent whisky from oxidizing. Your whisky decanter should be lead-free. Otherwise, the quality of your bottle could alter over time.

There are many decanters that suit different tastes and styles. It can be fun to pick one that suits you. But for a strong all-rounder, Tom Dixon’s Tank whisky decanter in copper is our favourite choice. Copper accents are a beautiful contrast to the spirit, and the high-quality glassware allows you to transfer your whisky without any worries.