Raid: Shadow Legends, a new gacha RPG, is very different from the anime-style visuals. It has a darker fantasy appearance and uses more realistic animations.

This is a stunning experience with some of our favorite attack animations and environment effects.

The game plays pretty much as it should, which is a common trait in this genre. If you find yourself in a bind during battle, it is not down to your skill but your stats.

Here’s the real challenge. This is not a difficult game, but it’s a challenging one to manage, especially if you don’t intend on spending real money on the upgrades.

This guide will focus on how to progress through the game without spending any money. We will tell you what activities to do and how often to do them, as well as how to obtain new equipment and heroes.

Raid: Shadow Legend Tips & Tricks

Complete all achievements within the tutorial. After the boring tutorial ends, tap the “Quests” button and then the “Achievements” button. You can complete all of them in a single step. These are easy tasks that are simple and can be completed without difficulty. You will also receive one-off rewards to give yourself a head start.

Complete all Daily and Weekly quests: If you don’t really want to spend any money on Raid, then you will have to work hard. You will make the biggest commitment to complete every Daily, Weekly and Monthly quest. Why? These rewards are extremely difficult to obtain without spending real money like gems or shards.

Playtime rewards are the same: You’ll find a ticking clock at the bottom of your screen. You will receive a new playtime reward when this reaches zero. You’ll receive the maximum reward if you play for 180 minutes per day. These are items you will struggle to obtain as a free player. So if you really want to take this game seriously you should play every day.

Save your shards! Raid all RAID codes uses shards to summon new heros. Unlike other gacha RPGs that require you to keep them, there is no need to store them. You can summon more heroes in many games of the genre by summoning them in large quantities, but this is not the case. It’s not a bad idea to summon immediately.

You can save your gems for the gemstone mine: There are many things you can buy in the shop but none are more valuable than those at the mine. You will need to save 500 gems if you want to play for free. However, you’ll get a lot of gems once you own it. You can upgrade it to maximum and then spend the gems you have on items in the shop. Only then.

Your elemental weaknesses give you a significant advantage in battle: Bring a few units with an elemental advantage against enemy forces if you are having trouble in battle. These units may perform better, even if they have a lower star rating.

Upgrade all equipment up to +8: Equipment upgrades are very affordable and well worth the benefits. Because it’s so cheap, the chances of success with upgrading equipment to +8 are almost guaranteed. If you intend to use the equipment for a long time, upgrading to +16 is not recommended.

Use previous levels to level up less-used heroes. Don’t be afraid of revisiting levels from earlier levels to increase your elemental advantage. You’ll be able to earn more money and maybe even some items.

Concentrate on a small group of your favorite heroes. Those who have the money can build a large team of powerful heroes, but we free players don’t have that luxury. It’s a waste of time and resources to level up heroes that you won’t use often. Choose a balanced team with your favorite heroes. You should pick the star-richest hero in each element. Keep them with you, and only switch them out when you find another hero.

Pay attention the artefact bonus: When you are equipping gear, be aware of the artefact benefits. These bonuses provide statistical boosts to equip certain coloured equipment. You will not receive a bonus if you continue to equip equipment of the same color.