Numerous excellent female characters populate television. The list includes historical persons, fantasy characters, and superheroes.

Choose whichever television costume piques your interest, and you are certain to encounter other fans with whom you can debate your favorite episodes. It’s a fantastic approach to break the ice and make new friends!

While there are many fantastic female characters on television, we cannot overlook our favorite male characters. You can easily come as an individual, couple, or group.

You may even transform your suit into a group costume by adding more Karate Kid or Stranger Things costumes. (However, that’s an entirely different rabbit hole you can tumble down later!)

Video Game Costumes

E3, the largest gaming expo of the year, is an excellent venue for cosplay. Nonetheless, video game cosplay is also prevalent at comic conventions worldwide.

Recent cosplay favorites include D.Va (pronounced “Deeva”), Mei, and Tracer from Overwatch. Popular Nintendo characters such as Link and Mario are also frequently seen in cosplay at conventions.

There are so many amazing female video game characters that it is difficult to know where to begin. Classics like as Carmen Sandiego, Lara Croft, and Zelda are certain to attract the interest of other gamers, but don’t be scared to try something new!

In games like Overwatch, the characters have an abundance of fantastic aesthetics, from their iconic uniforms to a variety of fun and unique skins.

It should come as no surprise that there are numerous male video game cosplay ideas. Indeed, some of the most famous video game characters of all time are dudes.

Whether you want to adhere to the classics or experiment with something new, a Halloween costume from a video game makes for an easy cosplay. (Not everyone is proficient with textiles, thermoplastics, or EVA!)

Movie Costumes

If the prospect of movie popcorn, theater screens, and surround sound excites you, a movie costume may be right up your alley. There are an abundance of iconic characters to pick from, whether you choose the classics or the most recent film characters. This year, you’re likely to see all of the above as well as obscure movie costumes from cult favorites at conventions, so check out these movie costume ideas to stimulate your imagination.

We are aware that we have already mentioned quite a few movie characters, but there are SO MANY MORE costume options! Whether you’re a lover of horror, comedy, science fiction, or fantasy, when you wear the costume of your favorite movie character, you’re likely to run into other like-minded fans! We adore our on-screen ladies, and you are certain to find the ideal convention attire here.

Costume ideas for Comic-Con can be found in movies, especially if you’re looking for something funny. Costume ideas from comedies such as The Big Lebowski and Scooby-Doo are guaranteed to make people smile.

Nevertheless, feel free to explore any genre! Do not be surprised if you encounter Gandalf, Michael Myers, and other well-known movie characters.

Wizarding World Costumes

There are plenty of magicians at every convention. While some are eager to organize a game of Quidditch, others plan to use magic to get merchandise or autographs that are in high demand. From house robes to character costumes, offers an abundance of exclusive Harry Potter costumes.

Costumes for Adult Harry Potter Fans

There are more options for Harry Potter costumes than just house robes. You may certainly create your own wizard, but you also have the choice to dress like your favorite Harry Potter characters! As Professor McGonagall, or get a Vodermort costume award or deduct points from other convention-goers, or as Luna Lovegood, don the craziest-looking glasses. We’re certain that you’ll have a good time regardless of how you choose to dress.

Costumes from Anime and Cartoons

Panels and booths at comic conventions often feature voice actors of current and historical animation favorites. Typically, these guests are delighted to see someone dressed as the characters they voice.

Other popular animated cosplay characters include those from adult-oriented series, such as Bob’s Burgers and Rick and Morty. If you’re looking for something else, there are many anime characters to pick from, including those from Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, and Sailor Moon, to name a few!

Relive some of your favorite Saturday morning cartoon moments by donning one of the many available anime and cartoon outfits. The 1980s and 1990s were rife with excellent animated shows, but you may also find inspiration outside of those decades!

Fight evildoers as Sailor Moon, debunk bogus ghosts like Velma or Daphne, or create some mayhem as Louise Belcher. The possibilities are limitless, and we hope that you collect every autograph!

You likely argued with your sibling over the remote control to watch your favorite television shows, but now the tables are turned! Because you can just don your favorite cartoon costume and recite your favorite lines, this is possible. It is time to battle as Yugi or Fred Flintstone. You’re bound to run meet another fan, perhaps even sporting a costume of the same cartoon character!

Nostalgia Costumes

There is nothing quite like being an unexpected throwback at a local conference. Perhaps not everyone will appreciate your efforts, but those who do will adore you!

Whether your costume is from the 1990s, 1980s, or even earlier, older figures from popular culture are famous in their own way. Check out these classic movie and television character outfits for inspiration.

What can we say? We absolutely adore classic television and film! Granted, the attire was somewhat bizarre, but that is precisely why nostalgia is a thing. Even now, films such as Jurassic Park and Labyrinth are enjoyable to see.

Films and television programs of today continue to draw inspiration from the classics. While you may not encounter many of these personalities, there are moments when it feels nice to be unique!

If you’re searching for something unique yet recognizable, go no further. Nostalgia is the way to go! Recite your favorite catchphrases as Ron Burgundy or conduct shady business as Dennis Nedry.

You can even wear a comfortable Ferris Bueller bathrobe as the king of skipping school himself, or with the Deadpool outfit we discussed before! You ultimately select what you will wear to Comic-Con, so be sure to have a great time with it!