The crowd is focused on the VIP, while the bodyguard is focused on them. When the assailant approaches, the bodyguard leaps into action to defend their VIP client.

Bodyguards are frequently glamorized in movies and television, but the reality is not far off. VIP bodyguards (or “protectors”) are highly intellectual, well-trained professionals with years of expertise in law enforcement, the military, or martial arts. A bodyguard’s job is to defend their client at all costs, which necessitates meticulous planning ahead of time, continual focus, and good “on-the-ground” instincts.

The expectation for VIPs who hire bodyguard services is ongoing diligence. When a situation arises, a bodyguard must act quickly and decisively. This tremendous commitment to putting the safety of their clients ahead of their own needs exceptional character, hands-on training, and expertise in dealing with risky situations.

We can assist you if you’ve been considering your own personal protection but are having difficulties justifying the cost of security company London services. Here are some reasons why you should hire a bodyguard.

You care about your personal safety, the life of your loved ones, and your assets as a high-net-worth individual. Fine art, automobiles, jewelry, clothing, cash, and electronics are certainly among your possessions. Private transportation, such as boats and planes, is also available.

You’re a clear target for illicit behavior.

You probably insure your belongings and rely on law enforcement to keep you secure. Regrettably, insurance plans and law enforcement are both slow to respond to security threats. You may wish to be more proactive about your personal safety and asset protection depending on the quantity and nature of your possessions. This is when private protection enters the picture. Risk management should be a way of life for wealthy people.

While bodyguard services are often associated with protecting people, having trained security agents on your team may also provide asset protection. Additionally, security professionals may be able to assist you in obtaining lower insurance premiums and an improved quality of life both at home and abroad.

Second, you are a public figure celebrity.

The advantages of celebrity can be enormous. There are, however, drawbacks.

Stalkers, media and paparazzi scrutiny, and the prospect of millions of people learning about your riches, possessions, and personal life. It’s just basic math. The more people who know about you, the more likely you are to be attacked and impacted.

Celebrities and public figures, like high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives, require personal protection to protect their safety, peace of mind, and valuables. Unlike the other two, fame attracts significantly more attention to your life, putting you at the greatest risk.

Celebrities and public figures, like business executives, symbolize significantly more than their own personal worth. A well-known singer-songwriter, for example, is generally worth 5-10 times more to their label than they are personally. And how valuable is a popular politician to a city, state, or country? A celebrity’s or public figure’s life and well-being is priceless at some time. Without John Lennon, the world would be a much worse place – the significance of his life was incalculable. And the loss if it’s unfathomable.

The third reason is that you travel internationally.

You may be required (or desire) to go to foreign countries on a frequent basis. As you leave the safety of your native nation, the threat level rises, and the likelihood of a negative outcome in the event of an incident rises exponentially. Even if you aren’t a celebrity, many countries pose unique risks to outsiders with money – and recognition amplifies your risk tremendously.

Foreigners who are unprotected are robbed by criminals. Unfortunately, kidnapping and ransom conspiracies are common. It’s also possible to get caught up in local political battles, depending on the country. The thought of being in such a circumstance might be terrifying. You’re investing in your safety and peace of mind while going overseas by hiring a personal bodyguard service to accompany you.

The cost of security can be well worth it for individuals who can afford an international lifestyle.

Fourth, you have a sizable social media following.

Influencers may not consider themselves celebrities or public figures, yet they face many of the same security dangers. The greater your following, the more dangerous you are. In fact, it can be worse in terms of stalking.

Interactions on social media can quickly escalate into serious threats. Just because someone hides behind a screen doesn’t mean they won’t lash out in real life at some point. Stalking is becoming more common, and leaking private information is becoming more frequent, as social media becomes more important and “allowing people into your life” continues to be a main part of obtaining social media status.

For celebrities who, for example, post an ill-advised Tweet, social media attention may flip from profitable to dangerous — and while the internet’s hatred mostly stays on the internet, there is a percentage of mentally ill followers who could “snap” and become physically dangerous.

If you’ve noticed that internet threats have increased recently, hiring personal protection lowers your risk of an event, gives you peace of mind, and protects you from the psychological and physical effects of an attack.

The fifth reason is that you are a business executive.

Business CEOs can become well-known in the business world and beyond when their organizations hit a certain milestone. Unfortunately, increased security dangers come with newfound celebrity.

Ex-employees who are enraged may wish to harm the company’s leader. Ex-partners may try to take advantage of your situation, stalking you. Your company’s policies or business practices may irritate social media followers. Threatening communications are widespread among corporate executives.

Any threat to a CEO or executive is, of course, a threat to their organization. To safeguard their shareholders, corporations must decrease their risk profile in whatever way possible. While money and celebrity might benefit a company, they can have drawbacks. Hiring experienced bodyguard services can provide you and your board of directors with piece of mind by lowering the risk of a negative outcome. Using bodyguard services to negotiate lower insurance prices is also an option. Investing in the security of top executives is a no-brainer for most mid- to large-sized firms.

Sixth, you transfer valuables.

When you transfer valuables, you become a target. If you’re in a position where you’ll be transporting expensive things or huge sums of money between yourself and another person, you should exercise extreme caution. Large sums of money, high-end jewelry, prescription or medications, rare collectible objects, and sensitive papers are examples of valuables. Private security personnel can help lessen the risk of loss associated with transferring precious assets by ensuring that they arrive at their destination safely. Bodyguard services might also help you meet certain insurance requirements and negotiate lower prices. The expense of bodyguard services is frequently covered by shrinkage reduction alone.

Reason #7: You’re now under security attack.

Plots against your life include stalking, ransom, extortion, robbery, and identity theft. VIPs are vulnerable to a variety of risks, and you may be facing one right now.

First and foremost, the optimum time to employ private security and bodyguard services is always before you are threatened. If you are already a client of HAVN, we will put our safety on the line without hesitation, but if you are not, we will assess the scenario and decide whether or not we want to get involved. In this manner, private security is similar to insurance – and it’s far better to get insurance before you get sick. Having said that, we’d be delighted to assess your current security situation and determine whether and how we might assist.

Call 911 in an emergency. Private security may be a smart alternative for you if you have a non-emergency threat.

Reason #8: You just want to be safe.

As previously stated, the optimum time to purchase private protection is before you require it. Your unique position, particularly for VIPs, can make even going out with your children a free-for-all. It’s simply math: the larger your exposure, the higher the risk of security concerns. Money, celebrity, and power are all targets for criminals and the mentally ill.

Bodyguards from high-quality private security organizations can and will protect you from physical danger by employing proven safety measures and military or defense training. A well-trained bodyguard will be able to rapidly detect danger and deduce the intents of others. A bodyguard, after all, does more than just protect you. They also perform a variety of other duties, such as providing transportation and assisting with errands. Because they are continuously around you, they may also supply you with guidance, ideas, and suggestions for other aspects of your life.