How to Turn Off Comments on a Facebook Page

Getting annoyed with the comments notifications and want to disable comments altogether? Facebook does not have the turn off comments feature; the only thing you can do is to hide the annoying comments. Here’s how to turn off comments on a Facebook page.

Here’s how to turn off comments on a Facebook Page

Turning off the comments on the Facebook webpage is not an easy process. Instead, you can hide the comments on your Facebook account easily. In case you hide all the comments posted on the Facebook webpage, then this means you have successfully turned on the comments on the Facebook webpage.

You can limit particular words from showing in your Facebook post in case you already have an account. Through this feature, you can enter any word to the unnecessary words menu list. Just take an example, you can enter this common word in the filter menu list like “the.”

In case you turn off comments on a Facebook page, then some of the comments will stop showing on the Facebook webpage. Now, you need to enter a common words list to the filters, and you will successfully turn off comments on a Facebook page.

There are no limitations of Facebook regarding how much words you can add to the filter list, so you can enter multiple common words and can use words from the filter list.

In case any comments contain some of the common banned words, then it will show as ‘…’ for the users and also for the viewers of the Facebook webpage. The followers who have posted comments on your Facebook post can find their own comments, but they will not get to know that you have hidden their comments.

If you do not want to hide any particular comments on your Facebook post, then do worry, you can also hide all the comments together. In case you wish to read that comment again, then press on the  ‘…’ text and after pressing on it, you can easily read that comment. You can also choose the option to disable the comments from the visitor’s view.

Steps for Using the Filter on a Facebook Page

•    Settings

By visiting the Facebook official website, you need to find the Settings tab. You will get this in the top right-hand side of the webpage.

•    Page Moderation

You need to click on the General option. After that find the column which is named as Page Moderation. Press on the Edit option.

•    Keyword List

It is a list which includes some of the banned words. In case it is not, then you can type your own words. You also can upload a file which includes words you wish to disable.

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