Fortnite: A New Insta-Death Locations For Season 9

Fortnite fans are currently busy exploring the freshly introduced season 9, and recently a new instant death area has emerged on the in-game map. This frustrating new landmark instantly kills any player who steps near to it which in return leaves players with no chose but to get knocked out of the match in a fraction of a second.

Lately, such Instant Death areas are becoming quite common and are making players frustrated as there is no coming back if a player accidentally steps on such area. Mainly this issue is occurring due to a bug which includes some of the tiles of the in-game map. Once a player steps on such tiles they instantly face death and are removed hastily from the game at that very moment.

No gamer wants to experience a sudden unwanted death when they are already competing against 99 other players, but as of now, the sources suggest that there have been more than four cases reported for this type of uncertain death which implies that such minor bugs and glitches are now starting to take their toll on the players.

Although many players reported facing such instant death issue while playing the Fortnite title, still a Reddit user with handle name rtjr2 posted a video clip showcasing the exact spot where this new glitch is supposedly imparting players out of the game.

The video posted by rtjr2 shows a player opening a supply drop, and in order to collect all the items from the drop, a player tries to slide down from the edge of the cliff and mysteriously gets eliminated from the game. Currently, such instant death areas are becoming highly unpredictable and common on the Fortnite map resulting in a deathtrap for players who are doing well in their games.

As of now such glitches and bugs are turning out to be a severe issue for all the gamers who accidentally encounter it while playing a match. Notably, Epic Games have taken this matter into consideration and are formulating quick resolves for such issues.

Although no official confirmation is out yet, still many community members and gaming experts are suggesting that the upcoming patch v9.10 would resolve all such issues and help players in having a better in-game experience without the fear of getting accidentally eliminated from the game.

Until then players will have to take a lot of precaution to survive on the battlefield and avoid visiting places like Neo Towers to make sure to survive in the match and eliminate all the enemies. As the new season 9 has introduced a range of new cosmetics, items, wearable and challenges for players to explore new possibilities.

So gamers can make sure to complete all the available weekly challenges to gain the Secret Battle Star and upgrade their tier to unlock season 9 items for using in the match. Hopefully, the current Insta-Death bug would be resolved quickly allowing players to play their best strategy in the game without fearing abrupt elimination.

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