5 Best Google Maps Alternatives

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the best navigations apps used by people all around the world. It comes with great features and is very useful at times. You can easily plan new trips, explore public transportation, and roam around any city through Google Maps. However, if you are looking for other options than this app, this blog will provide you the best alternatives. Let’s have a look at best navigation apps other than Google Apps.

1. Waze

Google owns Waze and deserves the best spot after Google maps. It features almost the same mapping data and great for the ones looking for a way around. You can get real-time information about your city’s area, which will eventually help you with your driving.

2. HERE WeGo

This app doesn’t provide accurate data as Google’s owned apps but comes as a pretty decent navigation app. The best things about this app that it works smooth offline also, and lets you call a cab directly through this app. All of its great features make it an ideal Google Maps alternative for using.

3. Citymapper

As its name suggests, the Citymapper works great for cities only. It also features public transport inside it and provides you the right price of Uber. It is not recommended to use this app if you are not living in the central city areas.

4. MapFactor GPS Navigation

The MapFactor is not much popular among people but is ideal for use. It is a unique app with open source format. Though, you will have to pay to use the maps inside this app, which can be a drawback.

5. Maps.Me

Maps.Me can be used in both rural and cities areas. It has easy to use user interface and decent features. You get the option to use this navigation app offline as well.


The great features and exciting user interface of Google Maps make it one of the navigation apps. Though, there are plenty of other apps also that are worth using. This blog offers you information on best navigation maps excluding Google Maps.

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