Fortnite: A New Insta-Death Locations For Season 9

Fortnite fans are currently busy exploring the freshly introduced season 9, and recently a new instant death area has emerged on the in-game map. This frustrating new landmark instantly kills any player who steps near to it which in return leaves players with no chose but to get knocked out of the match in a fraction of a second. Lately, such Instant Death areas are becoming quite common and are making players frustrated as there is no coming back if a player accidentally steps on such area. Mainly this issue is occurring due to a bug which includes some of the tiles of the in-game map. Once a player steps on such tiles they instantly face death and are removed hastily from the game at that very moment. No gamer…
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Facing Common Google Home Issues? Learn How to Fix It

How to
Google Home refers to the Smart Speakers which was first developed by Google itself. It was first declared in the year 2016 and launched in November 2016 in the United States and globally released in 2017 and 2018. However, Google Home speakers allow users to easily speak voice commands just to interact with services via Google's personal assistant software which is called a Google Assistant. Although Google Home is a smart device with advanced technology are quite smart most of the time, but sometimes it might not be correct when it creates problems in performing any feature. Many times, it happens due to Wi-Fi issue, a microphone that doesn't work properly, speakers that don't deliver apparent sound or any other connected devices which don't communicate with the Google Home speaker.…
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